Sunday, June 15, 2014

Go Spurs Go!!

I almost titled this post "Suck It, Miami!"  But I decided that was not befitting of the Spurs.

Tonight the San Antonio Spurs redeemed themselves for last year's gut-wrenching loss to the Miami Heat.  I've always admired and respected the team- it's ownership, management, coaching, and players, who all exemplify leadership at every level.  So many life and business lessons to be learned from classy, successful organizations like this one.  I'm particularly struck by the relationship between Tim Duncan and Head Coach Gregg Popovich. They love and respect they have for each other is palpable (for a wonderful and rare insight, dig up Jack McCallum's 2013 Sports Illustrated profile on Popovich).

My Dad loved the Spurs for the same reason I do- they're a classy, blue-collar organization.  They don't buy championships or dream teams, they make them, from raw recruits and role players on the tail end of their careers.  If you can be successful in that bootstrapping approach to life and work, then you need never want, and can focus instead on living your dreams, and living up to your potential.

That's what my own personal Coach Pop taught me.  I scored four victories:  my amazing wife Mary, and our three beautiful, healthy, and joyful daughters (I decided to quit before winning 'one for the thumb').  I hope you can see them now, Dad... you'd be so proud.

Much love on Father's Day.  I miss you, "Coach Pop."

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