Friday, October 26, 2007

Mary & Heather Reunited

Mary reunited with her good friend Heather Ryndak-Swink, who was in Austin this weekend. Heather was Mary's former classmate at University of Illinois at Springfield's Master's program in Public Affairs Reporting, and recently got married (Yea, Heather!).

They had a tasty lunch on Friday at the Eastside Cafe, then came back and spent some time on our porch. I missed seeing Heather, but I'm glad the girls got to have some time together.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Danielle's Baptism

From Danielle's Ba...

Danielle got right with God on October 21, 2007, at the Holy Family Church in Wharton, Texas. The whole Bucek clan was out, so it was a hoot (really!). Uncle Tim conducted the ceremony, so you know it was a hoot. Father Tim is a party monster. Seriously, we had a great time, and Danielle soon got over the momentary trauma of water on her head. She does the same thing when we wash her hair, Tim- don't take it personally.

Danielle's Godparents are Mary's cousin Sara and her husband Keith, and we couldn't think of two more down-to-earth people, so we're very glad to have them as parents-on-deck. So to speak.

Danielle was sporting a beautiful family heirloom baptismal dress worn by her Cita, her Aunt Lizzy, and many more in the Chumney line, so it felt like Grandma India (and Grandpa Ron) was right there with us the whole time. Danielle refused to wear the bonnet for more than a single photo, though. She wanted her wild mane to be free!

Li'l Bit helped Daddy play piano while we waited for everyone to be ready. But the best moment of all was when Father Tim presented the newly-christened Danielle Anne Guilbot to the world, and she started waving to the congregation with both hands, like a tiny, curly-headed Richard Nixon.

From Danielle's Ba...

Good thing she's no ham.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cita & Lizzy visit doesn't help the Cowboys

Danielle had a fun visit to Cita's house, and she got to see her Aunt Lizzy, but it still didn't help the Cowboys beat New England. I know, I know... Danielle's magical powers enabled the Spurs to roll over the Cleveland Cavaliers for their fourth NBA Championship earlier this year.

But let's face it: LeBron James is no Tom Brady. Or maybe his coach just didn't have signal-stealing video cameras in place. Whatever. Spurs rock.

But we know that Da Boyz must have had some of Dad's help from on high the previous Monday night, when Tony Romo threw six (yes, 6!) interceptions and still won the game. Nice one, Dad.

Danielle can't wait to go back!