Sunday, March 18, 2007

Danielle: Social Butterfly

Danielle's third month was a busy one.

She went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Bucek, and ate at her first restaurant. She wasn't even fussy!
From Danielle - 3 ...

While in Wharton, Texas, she also met her Great Grandma (Mary's grandmother):
From Danielle - 3 ...

Later, we drove up to the town of Edna, near Victoria, where she met her Grandma Nancy Strane (Curtis' Godmother) and her husband Bill Strane for the first time.

She got re-introduced to her girl cousins, Sydney, Caroline, and Jessica Bucek, plus her nephews Broderick and Patrick.
From Danielle - 3 ...

She met her grown-up "country cousin" Sarah for the first time (watch out for that one, Danielle- she's a bad influence! ;-). Plus, she went to two loud, busy, restaurants. All of this activity, and she didn't FREAK OUT. Excellent! (Well, she was a little fussy at Nancy's house, but not too bad.)

Back in Austin, Danielle met our friend Valorie, who had just flown in from San Diego, California.
From Danielle - 3 ...

Val and her husband Tim are great people, and we've just heard that they're pregnant! Congratulations!!! They'll be teriffic parents. We're very happy for them.

So far Danielle seems pretty social, and we're glad about that. We hope that, even though she may end up an only child, she's happy to meet and play with others, including her many cousins. Sydney sure enjoyed holding her.
From Danielle - 3 ...

Jessica wanted to, but she's a bit too small yet. (Sorry, Jess!)

Our friend Diana, one of Mary's ex-students living in Austin, just let us know that she's received a full ride financial aid package to attend Southwestern University in Georgetown. We're thrilled for her! She's great people, and we're happy to see her pursuing her dreams.

Meanwhile, Mary's been called for about 4-5 acting/print auditions, which is pretty dang cool. The movie I shot in late 2005 opens at the American Film Institute Festival in Dallas ( on March 22 and March 31. We'll be up there for that. Finally, it seems that we MAY get the chance to be on a game show together. More on that later.

Dad and India won their battle with the insurance company, and it seems that Dad will be able to have his transplant, and that it will happen in San Antonio, instead of Dallas. What a huge relief!!!

Mom, Mike, and Uncle David are doing OK in the small town of Richards, Texas, though I'm still worried that their house is about to fall down around their ears. Maybe we can get one of those TV shows to do a house makeover for them...

David and Janie Bucek keep going, like Energizer bunnies. They just never seem to stop, God bless 'em. We had a fun visit with them last week. And Danielle has even more energy than they do!
From Danielle - 3 ...

I'm still working at TWIA, still writing scripts, and still working with local filmmakers, and still auditioning for parts. Oh, and still working on selling our rental house in Huntsville, and on remodeling our current house in Austin. And playing tennis (not very well). And still working on a new career venture (more on that later, too).