Monday, January 19, 2009

More Danielle pics!

OK, I've got some really cute Danielle pictures coming up(which is the only reason you read this blog, I know), but I'm waiting for Aunt Lizzie to get me a CD of the shots.

ZZ babysat last night, so that Mary and I, Diana, and Matt could all go to the One World Theater last night, courtesy of a radio contest that Mary won. Great venue, good (free) food, and "limo" ride.

And upon our return, Daddy got to watch the Steeler game on DVR. Love that modern technology.

Car carsh

And this is why I play tennis.

Poor Willis McGahee's spinal column looks like one of the crash test dummies in this video. I hope the guy is okay. I'm glad the Steelers won, but you hate to see anybody get seriously damaged while playing a game.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nacho's back!

My good friend Michael Godeck (aka "Nacho"), has returned from an amazing family adventure in South America. Read about it, and see some great photos on his travel blog.

Now that you've seen the world, Nacho, please return to your gray, fabric-covered box (aka, "the code hole").


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bountiful harvest

Danielle had a Christmas blast at Cita's house. Watching her surrounded by gifts and wrapping paper reminded us just how much our cups runneth over: we are all together (save one), healthy, happy, and, obviously, not suffering financially, due to the economy.

Willie joined us a bit after these photos were taken. We were grateful to be spending the holiday as a family. Cita's house is always cozy and welcoming for us, and Big D really enjoyed herself. She spent the most time playing with the small stocking-stuffer gifts that Cita bought, which TOTALLY justifies my philosophy that our kids get just two presents: an empty box for Christmas, and a stick for their birthdays. Hasbro, Mattel, and Playskool combined are no match for a child's imagination.  :-)

Willie and his girlfriend Katherine found a perfect memorial for Dad: an inscribed paver stone that will be part of the Dallas Cowboy's new football stadium. Perfect!

Cita's sister Elizabeth and her kids Aubrey and Josie took Danielle under their wing, and even babysat her (along with Lizzie) for a morning, giving Mommy and me a much-welcomed little break.

Lizze promises to send us a CD of the photos and videos that we shot on her cool digital camera, so I'll post more of those when they come in. Here's a few in the meantime.

Happy Holidays!