Thursday, February 15, 2007

Danielle's first Super Bowl

Wow. Two and a half months. It's flown by. Seems like only yesterday that Lil' Bit was screaming her head off all night long, while Mommy and Daddy walked, patted, fed, and burped her all night long, attempting to soothe her to sleep. Oh, wait- that WAS last night. Riiight.

OK, Danielle had a rough night. We've been kinda spoiled, since she's been on a good schedule lately, giving us 5-7 hours of sleep per night. So last night was sort of a throwback to our first week. Mary was beside herself, figuring it must have been the three microscopic pieces of celery in our chicken soup dinner that set her off. Who knows? We're still learning about Dani's little bowels, as (apparently) she is, too.

During this time, Dani got to experience her first Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the Steelers weren't playing in it. Boo. She, like her Daddy, was completely underwhelmed by the whole event. The Peyton Manning, yadda yadda yadda. I'm happy for Tony Dungy, though. He's a good guy. And an ex-Steeler.

We're looking forward to visiting my Godmother Nancy Strane in March. She's about the last immediate family member to have not yet seen Danielle. We've had to limit Dani's road trips until she had her two month shots (doctor's orders). But we're thinking she'll be more of a world traveler now.

We've also got several friends in Austin who haven't met her, including my best man and good friend, Justin Yancy, and his wife Christa. Hope we can do that, soon, too.

I've been knocked down with the flu this week, but hope to be back on my feet tomorrow, or Monday at the latest. Y'all take care!

Click the blog entry title to link to some photos from the two-month mark.