Sunday, June 3, 2007

We made it through six months!!!

...and didn't drop her! Not even once. Imagine that!

This month (and the end of last month), Danielle got to meet our good friends the Yancys (Justin, Christa, George, Elizabeth, and Griffin), and the Dugans (Robert, Sherri, Kylie. Sean wasn't there this time).

She was pretty cool with them all, though she was still going through her "stranger danger" period when Justin and Christa and their kids were over. Unfortunately, I don't think we got any pictures. Boo.

By the time Robert and Sherri visited, Danielle was pretty mellow. And she loved Kylie!

She even let them all hold her, and Robert gave her a Super-super Danielle sky ride.

Robert's a foot taller than me, so she saw the world from a whole new perspective when he lifted her up. He's a big ol' softie.

We're going to see Grandpa Ron and Grandma India next Wednesday. Dad's home from the hospital after a lung transplant (!), and this will be the first time he's seen her since a week or two before that operation. We had a wait a while to see him, until his immune system strengthened enough to have visitors. But he's doing remarkably well, so we're all thrilled and grateful about that!

Next weekend, Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Mike come in for a visit. Danielle will be a regular social butterfly, with all these visitors! She's been a really happy baby lately, so we're hoping everyone gets to hear her little giggle-fests. We'll post some more pictures and videos when we visit.

Tonight for the first time, Danielle played peek-a-boo with Mommy. By the time I got it on video, she was going a little too fast, but it was still pretty cute.

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